Reading for 2/20

Hey, this is Juliane, Everita’s RA. She wants you to read this article by Wednesday. Thanks!


Merhaba! Nasılsınız?

Hi Everyone!

Here is the start of our Turkey IFP blog! Everyone should have received their Admin role invitation to WordPress. Make changes as you wish! Visual, content – whichever! We can continually create and shape our blog as we go along.

The site has suddenly become very exciting with a little Turkish. It was the key I was looking for! Everita also mentioned in passing that she has an affinity for maps, so I thought maps throughout the entire site would be an intriguing theme. Imbedded in posts, pages – wherever we want to find mysterious maps to read – while reading Turkish.

We can touch base on this during our seminar with Everita this week, if time. In the meantime, we have our framework, and can begin sharing! The mystery of Maps, Turkish + Us – all wrapped up in One Box of Turkish Delights!

Readings for Week Üç

A Note From Everita:

I had to substitute one of next week’s readings (for Week 3 Turkey Lab) because the book is still travelling via inter-library loan to me. I have therefore replaced Amit Bein with Andrew Mango’s book The Turks Today. I have assigned the Introduction and First Chapter – but the PDF also contains a Prologue for those of you who like getting an insight into what prompted the auhtor to approach the subject in a particular way. This is not an academic book so it is mostly for a quick information about the change from Ottoman Empire to a modern republic.