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Some snapshots taken about town. You’re all gorgeous and the camera loves you.

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On the Roof of the World: Turkey IFP in İstanbul

On the Roof of the World

Just minus Kiah, Jill, Ann-Sofie and Diana.

A More Serious One: Turkey IFP in İstanbul

A More Serious One

Just minus Kiah, Jill, Ann-Sofie, Diana and Everita (behind camera).

Whimsical One: Turkey IFP in İstanbul!

Whimsical One

Just minus Kiah, Jill, Ann-Sofie, Diana and Everita (behind camera).


Protester roadblock between Taksim Square and Dolmabaçe Palace / Erdoğan’s office’s.

Made of stone pulled up from the sidewalk and the retaining wall on the right.


Entrance From Taksim, Road to Bosphorus


End of Taksim, Road to Beşiktaş