Stuff to do pre-Istanbul

Even though we’ll all have different things that we have to take care of before we leave, a lot of them will overlap. Here are some common issues to get us started.

I’ll add to the list as stuff comes up, and we can all edit it by logging into WordPress and clicking the Düzenleme link at the bottom (only visible after login). So knock yourselves out if you want to add anything.

  • Provide Everita with relevant allergy/health info
  • Confirm health insurance will cover care overseas and repatriation/give info to Fabiola
  • Acquire ~100 lira cash
  • Check with bank to be sure credit card will work overseas
  • Arrange for bill payments while abroad (utilities, rent, student loans, etc.)
  • Make copy of passport to carry around with you
  • Get outlet adapter

Turkish! French Roast at 3

Hello Turklets,

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Sara and I are meeting to try and wrap our heads around some vowel harmony and stuff. We’ll be at French Roast (6th ave at 11th St) at 3 for an hour or so. All are welcome to join us and say “Merhaba!”

Iyi geceler,


Turkish Study Party

Merhaba everyone,

After Turkish class yesterday it occurred to me that it’s really helpful for me to be in a situation where I’m forced to work with the vocab and grammar rules. I thought maybe that was the case for other people too, especially since we’re all really busy and might not have the time to devote to memorizing on our own that we would in an ideal world. So I thought perhaps a few of us might want to get together and do some drills, flashcards, whatever – just a way to incentivize ourselves to really get this stuff in our heads. Maybe this coming Wednesday from 6-8 when we don’t have our IFP lab? I know group study doesn’t work for everyone but let me know if you’re interested. Mersi!

Now to figure out which keyboard shortcuts produce little Turkish characters…