Some WordPress Instructions – If Needed for the Blogging Process!

As a refresher, the following are instructions if needed to help with the Administrator Role for our Turkey blog!

To accept the invitation and begin editing, ensure the following steps:

#1 Install the latest version of WordPress on your computer (Version 3.5.2).

#2 Accept the invitation by creating a Log In account and password with WordPress. Ensure to change your Log In name from your New School or personal email to your own name. This will allow everyone to remain identifiable in comments, etc.

#3 Once logged into WordPress, click on the My Blogs tab to find “One Box of Turkish Delights”.

#4 Find our Dashboard under the “One Box of Turkish Delights: Everywhere is Resistance Everywhere is Taksim” tab. Dashboard is where you will have all editing capacity to your individual Community Journal.

#5 When you are in Dashboard, click on Pages > All Pages to find your own Page.

#6 Under Pages, hover over your Page in order to click on “Edit” which is where you will be able to upload your work.

#7 When you are on the Edit Page, you will see your name at the top of the screen Below your name, you will see a “visual text box.” This box can remain blank – or you can begin to place my writing or images here. (Meaning you can choose to have your work posted in this space, or you can include all work as a continuous flow in the Comments section (below)).

#8 Staying on the same page, scroll down – past the “visual text box,” as well as past “Writing Helper” and “Discussion.” Ensure the “Allow Comments” box is ticked. Below “Discussion,” you will find the “Comments” section and the option to “Add comment”. This is where, again, all material can be posted if you would like (in addition to – or – if not posted in the above Page “static” space).

Let me know if anyone did not receive an invitation to the Administrator role. You may also be able to find an answer to a specific WordPress question via Google and WordPress forums – which can also serve as a resource during the blogging process. Good luck!

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Text Messaging Turkcell

Hi All!

If anyone who has a Turkcell isn’t already aware, you can set up a package on your Turkcell to increase your text messaging capacity for a reduced cost.

Send the following text message to 2222


It will cost 10 TL and you will have 1000 texts for a month to every operator in Turkey.

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