Turkish Study Party

Merhaba everyone,

After Turkish class yesterday it occurred to me that it’s really helpful for me to be in a situation where I’m forced to work with the vocab and grammar rules. I thought maybe that was the case for other people too, especially since we’re all really busy and might not have the time to devote to memorizing on our own that we would in an ideal world. So I thought perhaps a few of us might want to get together and do some drills, flashcards, whatever – just a way to incentivize ourselves to really get this stuff in our heads. Maybe this coming Wednesday from 6-8 when we don’t have our IFP lab? I know group study doesn’t work for everyone but let me know if you’re interested. Mersi!

Now to figure out which keyboard shortcuts produce little Turkish characters…


5 thoughts on “Turkish Study Party

  1. Also, I let Everita know I would be interested in the event this week if others are, too – and also I have an update to the Parsons seminar with the Turkish Urbanist – I will post new details here soon, but it is now from 3-6p Friday.

  2. I would love too! Yes, I need practice in a group setting and thanks for organizing this! I actually cannot do today from 6-8p because Kiah, Bari and I are drawing/mapping out the geopolitics of Turkey! I will be with Kiah from 5-6 and with Bari after 6p (Kiah has an IFP workshop). We will be drawing at 6 E 16th Street, 12th Floor near Trans design studio (lots of white boards). I was hoping to incorporate Turkish, too. Let me know if you want to join, and I will be there by 5p onwards regardless. If not, we can try another time? We will be posting our drawings to the blog, for all to see.

  3. I think this is an excellent idea! I won’t be able on Wednesday – have signed up for a workshop – but what about Turkish brunch on Sunday? Or some other time that we can find!

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